[TOSO] Vertical Blind

In our opinion, this vertical blind system best epitomise the detail that the Japanese put into a product. Smooth operation of blinds, easy tilting of blinds with a sturdy wand. Fabrics overlap in a manner that makes the blind looks flat.

Seeing & testing is believing, come down to our showroom to test the system yourself and we are certain you will be impressed if you have been using vertical blinds all this while.



Refer to the e-catalog for fabric selection and details.
Note the catalog is in Japanese, what you can do is to derive the colors with the number code (TF-5XXX) and contact us for the rest of the information.

Customisation Checklist

1) Select Fabric Color

2) Select Fabric width (80mm or 100mm)

3) Select Operation Type
a. Cord & Wand, or
b. Wand

4) One Way Draw / Split-Way Draw
a. To add in additional Wand

5) Color of Headrail
a. White or
b. Brown

6) Bottom Cord (With or Without)

7) Dual Overlap (Slats to overlap 20% more than usual)


Item is made and freight in from Japan, do give a lead time of 2-3 weeks upon confirmation

For more infomation and viewing of samples, please contact SOFTHOME via [email protected] or 9221 9632.

All image rights belongs to the respective owners of TOSO.

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