[TOSO] Pleated Blinds

Japanese Design - Top-bottom combination style with both main and sheer (see-through) fabric. SHIORI Pleated Blinds for traditional Japanese sensibilities at every turn.

TOSO Pleated tSbLB


Small Space Fitting:
Enjoy this Twin Style even in slim windows and small windows (smallest fitting is 30mm with a special Shiori Bracket)


Flexible Arrangement and control of light vs privacy
The way this blind works is that we will place the sheer type material at the top, and the privacy type material at the bottom. Hence you can achieve an effect that is allowing light to come into the house from the top, but still providing privacy from eye level thus giving you better control (compared to roller blinds which you have to roll from top-down)

SHIORI Pleated Blinds has a special mechanisms, Twin One Chain, that can operate both the day and night shades by one operation chain.


Video Introduction (In Japanese, Video Length 1:13)


More Images:

Pleated Amber TOSO

TOSO Pleated tSbB

Pleated Blue TOSO


Item is made and freight in from Japan, do give a lead time of 2-3 weeks upon confirmation


For more infomation and viewing of samples, please contact SOFTHOME via [email protected] or 9221 9632.

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