Bamboo Blinds

Rustic, elegant and zen

Meticulously gathered, refined and weaved from natural bamboos, customized to site.
(Widest Width per blind is 3.2m, additional charges applies for width ranging from w3m to w3.2m)
Operates by Single+Double Pulley & PVC Rope


Depending on site, Yes, we are able to do bamboo blinds in an angled finishing.


+Optional to add an additional PVC backing for rain and privacy protection.


+Optional varnish Bamboo blinds to different color (commonly used Black & White)


Pricing Components:
1) Size & Color of Bamboo Blind
2) Clear PVC/ Netted PVC/ Opague Canvas Backing
3) Angled Blinds?
4) Other Special Add-Ons
5) Installation

For more infomation and viewing of samples, please contact SOFTHOME via [email protected] or 9221 9632.

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