My family and I met Yong Sheng in March 2015 to discuss the curtain fabrics. He gave very good advice about the type of fabric that would suit the family needs as we were busy people and would not be washing the curtains every month. He recommended those material that would be easy to maintain and also the type of material that had vertical lines in the pattern. This means that the curtain needs not be ironed as it will not be very creased after washing. On 22 May, softhome workers came to install the curtains for my master bedroom, 2 rooms for children and the living room. My husband and I were delighted with their quick installation and Yong Sheng's prompt action. Later, we found the length of one curtain not suitable for the master bedroom. Yong Sheng was very patient and took back the curtain to cut it to a suitable length and sent it back promptly within a few days. All these, free of charge! We also got Yong Sheng later to do the decal for the glass sliding doors in the yard, and in the common toilet, and the solar film for the windows of the master bedroom and third bedroom. We were happy with the workmanship of the workers. The workers also helped us to do the sticker decal that I bought from Selffix for the glass partition in the master bedroom toilet. All this, free of charge! Softhome is definitely trusted to do a prompt and good job!


Mrs Low & Family, Residential