Dear Friends

Another awesome year! 2014 has been indeed rewarding and fulfilling! Company performance has improved by more than 30%. I attribute the growth to the marketing efforts of the company and will execute more marketing actions in the coming year.

We had a few more staff, both full time and part-time handling different sorts of roles for the company. I am gradually moving into the social marketing aspect for the business. I personally believe that internet is the direction to go, and will focus on this aspect, will also be trying out certain offline campaigns.

This year we also have a few challenging projects completed, although not in huge sums, but the challenge to get the work done is extremely rewarding. Namely we did a small portion of project for Louis Vuitton, and some other work of larger scale.

This year i had also committed to my yearly CSR efforts for the company, we had contributed to a group's effort to bring the needy elderly out for a good meal with some light entertainment & performances! I am grateful that i can contribute in this manner.

Again, I personally wish to thank all suppliers, contractors and also our esteemed customers for trusting our words and works, as well as their continued and returned support for our goods and services.

2015 will be a challenging year ahead, given the economy outlook. I think that there must be someway to breakthough, first to stablise the company in terms of sales & systems. Then to explore for more possible products to cater to the market. I am not sure how this will work out, but no harm trying them out.

All the best, and may we achieve something great in 2015!


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