SOFTHOME CARES For The Community Too!

It is in the company's policy to encourage every employee to participate in volunteer work at least twice a year over a weekend. The company provides a small incentive for employees whom commit to it. I do agree that volunteering values should not be motivated by monetary, however such incentive is in place to motivate to at least start, and hopefully find meaning at a later part of their lives, else there might not even be any starting point.

We give back not just our time, but other donations in kind, including monetary.

This action is done because of the fact that I appreciate how fortunate we are, and these is the very least that we could do.

Why am I saying this? This is never to boast, but to inspire other entrepreneur that even being in a business that is so competitive, with careful budgetting and frugal spending, it is possible also to make a difference in society, even as little as how we have manage to do.





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