Renovate your perfect home just in time for Christmas!

Renovate your perfect home just in time
for Christmas!


Soft furnishings, from curtains to upholstery, can completely transform the mood of your home. With Christmas coming, it's time to give your home a burst of freshness. We've got 2 options, depending on the type of homeowner you are. So, the question is...

Are you a Cat or a Flamingo?

Your home is a perfect blend of style & comfort. Guests embrace the casual charm of your cozy living space, where soft fabrics & woven rugs are staples. After all, Classy is cool but Comfort is king.


Day + Blackout Curtains
Casual & lively, day curtains flood your home with soothing natural light, keeping it bright and cheerful. Wish to darken the mood? Pair them with blackouts for flexible light control!
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Bamboo Curtains
Woven from natural bamboo & customized to site, these furnishings add a relaxed and natural quality to your home. Most importantly, they allow a ton of air to flow through, keeping your home (& life) breezy.
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The perfect way to transform an old, well-loved piece of furniture into something fresh. With our vast selection of fabrics, we can upholster new cushions for you to match your new interior/furnitures.
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Your home exudes simplicity & subtle sophistication. Minimalist lines & elegant blinds.
Its been a long year & you want to end it with style.

Venetian Blinds
A time-tested classic, these remain a minimalistic and stylish way to dress windows. We offer neutrals from white/off-white to bolder colours like red, green & gold.
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Roman Blinds
In small rooms where traditional curtains take up too much space, roman blinds fold neatly away, keeping your home minimalist and chic. We stock a wide array of imported fabrics from Japan to Belgium!
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Embossed Wallpaper
Get that designer feel in your home with embossed wallpaper. We carry quality ranges from Sangetsu as well as other Japanese brands like LilyColor & Sincol. A little texture goes a long way.
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