Consider Ziptrak Blinds to Minimise the Spread of Dengue Fever

According to NEA in an article dated 19th July 2019 by CNA, the Aedes mosquito population has increased three times since 2013. There have been 7,808 cases of dengue cases so far this year, at this point of writing, and this is about five times more than the same period last year. That means our vigilance to guard against the spread of dengue fever has unfortunately fallen.

Five people have died from dengue this year.

The NEA said, "We are in the peak dengue season in Singapore, which usually stretches from June to October, and the region around us is similarly seeing an upsurge of dengue cases this year".

What can we do more to help protect our family?

I will have to admit that we can only grasp what is within our control like making sure we do not provide the necessary breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes. However, even if we do our best, we cannot say the very same for our neighbours or other external factors.

In our homes, windows are definitely one of the key entrances for mosquitoes. They are the gateway for them to enter and spread the disease or find breeding grounds. Therefore, what we can definitely do is ensure our windows are guarded from their assault!

The original Ziptrak's patented guided blind system removes the gaps between the sides of the blinds. It is sleek, neat and helps you prevent space wastage if you are particular. It also does not have any cords, cables or zippers.

Whether you have an L, U or slanted surface for your balcony or window, the installations will take those into consideration and ensure they are sealed and enclosed.

Normally a favoured outdoor option, it can be installed indoors as well.

Other than its cherished feature in having neat zero gaps when closed, it is highly sturdy and does not rattle in strong winds. In tests provided by University of Adelaide, the blind was shown to be able to withstand strong winds of up to 139km/hr. The fabric stays flat along the spline so you will not see any crease or wrinkles when it's fully lowered.

It is also aesthetically pleasing, integrates snugly into your balcony or windows and made from guaranteed quality from every aspect. These explain Ziptrak's growing popularity in Singapore.

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