Conferences: Conveying Your Best

Dear readers of SOFTHOME,

We know how it gets for an office environment, especially the conference room.
sometimes  you get situations where people peep into the room or people in the conference room gets distracted by motions/movements outside of the room.

While you get busy with your work and squeezing the brain for more ideas, we support your back end environment with a condusive place to work.

SOFTHOME Double Blinds System allows you to set up 2 types of blinds in a certain place for optimal space savings and light control

We make use of Blackout fabrics as well as Perforated light minimal penetration feature to allow you to have control over the light coming into your space.

Blackout fabric ensures that you will never be able to see out of the meeting room, thus keeping your clients/staff focus on the agenda in the room rather than the distractions happening outside of the room (eg: people walking to and fro, esp hunks and babes.)


Logistics Company Conference

Heres the thing, It works not just for meeting rooms, but also for your main office/ manager's office.

Logistics company office

For more information and viewing of samples, please contact SOFTHOME via [email protected] or 9221 9632.

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