[TOSO] Roller Blind (Mytec)

Quality Japanese Roller Blind Series (Mytec), featuring the One Touch Loop System

Durable and long lasting Japanese Quality Roller Blinds.
A pull of the pulley cord and the blind will automatically be spring-tension up, ending the action with a soft rotary motion as it gets near to the top.

3 Years Warranty on System (conventional roller blinds are 1 year warranty)

Sheer Fabric Roller Blind Materialh14000443



Dimout Fabric Roller Blind Materialh16000304



Video Introduction (In Japanese, Video Length 0:26)


Wa-Style Room  和室
Product Seen: Sudare Type TR3200  (Below Image)rainen_im1


Possible Additions:
1) Twin Roller Blind System (Compact and space saving)
Double Roller blinds in 1 system, taking up 75mm of space only (Conventional Method of installation for double roller blinds takes up about 150mm)

System Drawing - Eng

Front Facing Pelmet


Video Introduction (In Japanese, Video Length 0:26)


2) Laser Cutting Seez 
This special feature of the Japanese TOSO Roller Blinds is to have laser cut designs on the blinds material,this gives extra character for the space, showing different results during day or night





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