DIY Frosted Solutions


Now you can DIY frosting effects on glass surfaces at your own pace and comfort!

Simple and user-friendly!

Product Info:

1) 100% Water Soluble, Not oily, not sensitive to skins.
2) Every Box comes with a bottle of SunShield Solution, 1 Roller Set, 1 Replacement Roller & 1 Tray.
3) Every bottle can apply up to 8sqm of surface (that is almost equivalent to 4 standard height glass door
4) Can store for 6 months after opening.

Introduction Video of Product (Video Duration: 1:32) 


Application steps: (Video Duration 0:53)
1) Clean up the glass surface that you wish to cover up for privacy and protection of UV
2) Shake well and Pour SunShield Liquid Solution onto Tray provided
3) Spread the solution evenly on the roller provided and apply on the surface just like how you would paint a wall (for better finishing, apply in a alternating direction layer after layer). Ensure the surface and premises is clean, minimal dust & dry.
4) Leave the applied solution to dry and you will see the frosted effect (+-20 Minutes)
5) Excess on try you can wash it away as it is water soluble/ wait till its dry and scrap it off.


How To Remove It? Just simply spray clean water on the harden solution, water will be absorbed by the harden solution and it will turn gel-like. Then simply just peel it off from the glass.
NOTE: If you had accidentally sprayed water on it, just leave the water to dry, the product will be as good as before.

Sun-Shield Air Featured on Korea's SBS (Interview Of A End-User)
(Video Duration 2:38)



Extremely useful for the average-Joe, do it at your own time and convenience, for situations where you only require:

1) Temporary privacy/ hoarding
2) Hoarding of Glass Surfaces to prevent people from observing whats behind
3) DIY frosting for your home/office/shop
4) Places that requires protection from harmful UV & privacy
5) Sun's glare is heating your room up even when your air-conditioning is on.


NOT suitable for casement windows (Windows that swing outwards, not sliding windows), the reason is that rain water will soften the dry-solution causing it to turn soft, which is prone to peeling if the user tries to peel it off.

NOT suitable for Bathrooms (essentially places that have chances of getting into contact with water)


Price for each bottle is $79. Each bottle can cover about 6 square-meters or 64square-foot of glass surface.
Email us at [email protected] or call us at:

Office Hours Contact: 8781 4515 (Vicky)
After Office-Hours On-Duty Sales: 9221 9632


You can now get it online with Lazada:



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Lastly, you can also see the episode that Arirang TV has covered for the SunShield product range.

The product is covered from start till 8mins and 50secs.

On a side note: As a representative English broadcasting station based in Korea, ArirangTV provide news and entertainment on Korea for the international community, designated by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism.


You can now get it online with Lazada:


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