[3M] Prestige Series

The Best of 3M Films Series: PRESTIGE

The ultimate in film technology, utilizing patented multi-layer optical film (MOF) technology to offer clear film with outstanding heat rejection to create the perfect film for your building

Designed not to change the appearance of your building. Clear to lightly tinted, allows up to 70% of the visible light through your windows. Reflectivity that's actually lower than glass

Clearly superior. Prestige Series window film uses non-metalized nano-technology, i.e. multi-layer optical film (MOF) technology to create reflectivity that's actually lower than glass.

Retail displays shine, and views remain true to life because the only thing you'll see day or night, inside or out, is a beautiful window. These spectrally-selective films reject up to 97% of the sun's heat-producing infrared light and 99.9% of UV rays to keep you cool, comfortable and protected.


1) Save On Your Energy Cost, the films will reduce the amount of heat entering into your space, hence lesser amount of energy is needed to cool the interior. Also, the amount of light coming through is kept optimal, meaning you will still get a good sunlight, without the UV, without the heat, oh how great can that get?

2) Protect Your Family, especially your children and the elderly, UV rays harms not just their skin, but also their eyes, prolonged exposure to harmful rays may lead to cancer in extreme cases. 3M PRESTIGE have an SPF value of more than 1,000!! Effectively reducing the risk of premature ageing of skin. That's another savings for you ladies!

3) Keeping Your Treasures Look Anew! PRESTIGE films can block up to 99% of UV ray which numerous research have proven that it is the single largest cause of fading colors. Known to also degrades rubber, plastics, leather and fur.


See how PRESTIGE will look after installation: 3M WINDOW FILM SIMULATORĀ 


3m prestige Specs - Online


For more infomation and viewing of samples, please contact SOFTHOME via [email protected] or 9221 9632.


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