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Lately the love for east asian designs are getting popular, especially among the westerners.

The rich culture and immense history of the Chinese are gaining popularity, one may attribute it to the rise of China, where they have lately become prominent in the world arena.

From the designs of the:
Flowers of 4 Seasons or 梅 (Plum), 兰 (Orchids) , 竹 (Bamboo), 菊 (Chrysanthenum)
牡丹花 (Peony Flower)
莲 (Lotus Flower)
青花瓷 (Blue & White Porcelain)
寿 (Round Longevity Symbol)龙 (Dragon)
雀 (Finch)


If you have that one piece of rosewood furniture, the silkscreen divider, or even if you have an project to decorate the space into a Oriental Chinese Design, we are sure we will be able to help you get the right design.

Behold the toilet, The birthplace of all ideas. :)

Well everyone should cover their toilet well so no ideas will be stolen by the prying eyes ya?

NOTE: for bathrooms blinds are advised due to high possibility of dampness

Curtains at toilet

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