[Somfy] Motorised Tracks

Decorate your home with beautiful curtains, enhance the overall experience with motorised curtain tracks, using world renowned and trustworthy brand: SOMFY.

It is incredible how you can change the mood of your space! Creating atmosphere, curtains play a significant role in your comfort and privacy.

Why should you motorise your curtain track?

No need to pull on heavy or hard to reach curtains. No more cables to operate or strings that get tangled up! Enhance your lifestyle by making your curtains so easy to use, you’ll find yourself using them more and experience benefits such as sun protection, instant privacy and glare reduction… at the touch of a button. Control your window treatments with one click to protect your privacy and eliminate the harmful sun's rays

Extremely good for places with hard to reach windows, Loft units, High Ceiling types.


We provide SOMFY Glydea & Irismo Motorised Tracks


Maximize your user experience: 
The timer/ scene mode can open/close the motorised curtains automatically at noon or dusk.
For Example you can set your curtains to open during 7am, from Monday to Friday only, to welcome you for the day ahead with a bright start. After you are done with the morning prep and had gone out to work, the curtains can be automatically set to close at 9am, to protect your home from the heat that is to come from noon. As for Saturday and Sunday? If you are a person whom prefers to wake up late then you can set it to open at a later time.


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