Reflective Films

Reflective Films, or otherwise known as One-way mirror film

Imagine the hot and bright sun shining through your skylight roof and into your room, causing heat rage, affecting your mood and state of mind, as well as the harmful UV rays that are damaging not just to our skin, our furniture, but also our family members! The cost of repairing such damages is normally much higher than installing window films.

Reduce sun spots, boost energy savings and protect your home from UV rays with reflective window films. The greater the difference in light intensity, the more effective the one-way mirror is. Sticks on vertical or horizontal positions.

The SOFTHOME Reflective Series are silver-coated solar films that facilitates the one-way view feature. These films have excellent heat and light rejection properties.

Suitable for both residential and commercial use: from glass panels to window panels to glass walls to skylight roofs.

Films sticks on Vertical or Horizontal surfaces.


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