Outdoor Blinds

Made to measure, and to outlast the tropical weather

Outdoor blinds function in a similar way as roller blinds with one exception: outdoor blinds are made to withstand tropical weather such as wind and rain.

SOFTHOME Outdoor blinds Resiweave Series only uses the highest quality fabrics that are weather-proofed. Made from durable perforated material manufactured in US with anti-mildew and fungi attributes, giving low chance to bacteria. Plus, our outdoor blinds are installed with stainless steel wires or heavy-duty made-in-Germany systems that bolt to the ground, accompanied with 3mm Dia heavy duty Stainless Steel Cable. These features make the blinds stay in place, rain or shine. Comes in motorized or manual systems.

Our perforated series allow light and air to pass through, giving your space the natural light and view without the heat and glare and rain.

Suitable for balconies, outdoor patios, Maisonette as well as roof terraces.

For more infomation and viewing of samples, please contact SOFTHOME via [email protected] orĀ 9221 9632.

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